Monday, August 8, 2011

Writing Excuses 6.10: Millieu

Writing Prompt: Apply the M.I.C.E. quotient to Red Riding Hood, and write at least one page of story per element. Wow, this sounds a lot like homework.


Cane peered longingly into the blue sky that taunted him from the enveloping darkness. Freedom beckoned, the faintest whisper of wind teased as it brushed softly against his ears before retreating back to dance among the trees. Freedom.

He slowly turned around to the task at hand, even more bitter than before at the task set before him. “Why are we doing this”, he growled, daring one of the pack to answer him. None acknowledged the question, but continued to dig, nose to the earth.

Just as he was about to rejoin his brothers he felt the bite of something eating into his skin. Fleas and beetles were all that lived in this hole, insects that could not or would not risk their exposure of their scent. The thought of this snapped something inside the already broken wolf.

Life was all I have, he thought. Breath, choice…and I will not waste it here. I will hunt.

And so without a word, Cane left the pack. Never again would he rest beneath the earth. He would hunt. And those that caused the debasing of his brethren would be his prey.

This is in response to how the story ends: supposedly after red riding hood and the grandmother gets cut out of him by the hunter, they refill him with rocks and push him into a well…

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